Nederlander Family
James Nederlander Sr. and Jr.
The following are brief accounts of the outstanding achievements of James M. and L. Nederlander, the father and son that run the Nederlander organization.
James M. Nederlander
-  James M. Nederlander is America's most established showman. It is not just the geographical span of his operations that is so impressive (across the U.S. and England), but also the diversity of his experience in presenting live acts over the last 50 plus years-yes, for more than 50 years! Concerts of all varieties, Broadway productions, comedies, family shows, and cultural shows-Jimmy has successfully done it all.

-  Jimmy began working in the business for his father, David, who operated a "Broadway" theatre in Detroit. He has worked in almost all aspects of the theatre business over the years, including box office, advertising, producing and management. He moved to New York and bought his first Broadway theatre (the famous Palace Theatre) in the early 1960's because he realized the chance for survival of a lone operator was remote. He has bought and/or leased several more theatres on Broadway during subsequent years and now owns, leases or operates nine theatres on Broadway.

- Jimmy and his family began operating some of the first amphitheatres in the country in the late 1960's and early 1970's, including the Garden State Arts Center in New Jersey, Pine Knob Music Theatre outside Detroit, Michigan and Poplar Creek Amphitheatre outside Chicago, Illinois.

-  Jimmy recognized the opportunity and potential of California early. He also recognized the potential of the Greek Theatre, so he bid for the operation and won, taking over its operation in 1976 as he also began to expand his theatre operations to California. His companies now own/lease/operate and/or exclusively book several venues in Southern California including the Pantages Theatre, Staples Center, the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim and the Santa Barbara County Bowl. He has dealt with the major talent agencies for decades and knows many of the senior management executives personally. He is well acquainted with many of this country's premier performing artists. He has traveled the world his entire life to bring the best entertainment to the United States' general public, including such cultural attractions as the Bolshoi Ballet, the Moiseyev Dance Company, Doyle Carte, and numerous others. He has served on the boards of directors of public companies as well as various charitable organizations. In his spare time he enjoys watching various sporting events, particularly baseball. His love of baseball led him to purchase an ownership interest in the New York Yankees in 1972 along with each of his four brothers.

-  Jimmy presently serves as Chairman of the Board of the numerous Nederlander companies of which he is the majority or sole owner.
James L. Nederlander
James L. Nederlander was born into a theatrical family. Consequently, he has been involved in various aspects of the live entertainment business his whole life. Even before he could actually work and participate in the family's numerous businesses, he would hear about the daily highlights (and lowlights) from his dad, uncles and grandfather. He would often come home (or go out) to dinner to find famous performers such as Carol Channing or Sammy Davis, Jr. at the table. Jimmy Jr. has the live music business in his blood.

-  Jimmy Jr. is the grandson of David T. Nederlander founder of the Nederlander Organization and the son of James M. Nederlander. He is the third generation of the celebrated family known worldwide for outstanding theatrical productions, cultural presentations, and popular musical attractions.

-  While being closely involved with Broadway theatres and Broadway shows, Jimmy Jr. grew up with the Greek. Having seen such highlights as Neil Diamond's 1976 "Hot August Night," no one knows better than he just how fabulous an evening at the Greek can be.

-  Jimmy Jr.'s first professional experience in the concert business was in Detroit at Pine Knob Music Theatre when he was a teenager. He worked in various capacities at Pine Knob and was always watching and observing the crowds and the artists, as well as his fellow workers. He realized then that the key to success in live entertainment is to always keep everybody happy-the audience, the stars and the employees. That is the formula for success and longevity that Jimmy Jr. instills at the Greek.

-  Jimmy Jr. also worked at and spent a lot of time at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit where he learned about box office, show settlements, subscription and marketing.

-  Jimmy Jr. recently produced Paul Simon and Derek Walcott's The Capeman and The Royal Shakespeare Company's A Midsummer Nights Dream. Jimmy Jr. served as Associate Producer of Peter Brook's The Tragedy of Carmen (which won a special Tony Award). He served as Co?Producer of Natalie Makarova's tour of On Your Toes, Billy Joel at Yankee Stadium (first concert ever at Yankee Stadium), U2 at Yankee Stadium, An Evening with Harry Connick Jr. at the Lunt-Fontanne, Raffi on Broadway, Pink Floyd at Yankee Stadium, Shari Lewis and Lambchop on Broadway, Basia on Broadway, and Laurie Anderson on Broadway. Future productions include An Evening of Magic with David Blain, and Tallulah, a one-woman Broadway show starring Kathleen Turner.

-  Jimmy Jr. was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Guiliani to serve on the Board of the Trust for Cultural Resources of the City of New York Visitors and Convention Bureau, the Mayor's Theatre Advisory Council, and the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. Jimmy Jr. also serves on the Executive Committee of the League of American Theatre, the Board of Trustees of the Intrepid Air Space Museum, the Board of Fisher Alzheimer Foundation, as well as the Board of Directors of the Bowman Grey Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has served in advisory capacities on both Mayor Guiliani's transition team to choose the Cultural Affairs Commissioner of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.

-  He has devoted the last 20 years to the various Nederlander businesses, dividing his time between the world of Broadway and the concert world (including rock and roll). He now spends most of his time booking various Nederlander Broadway and "road" theatres as well as all our concert venues in California. Jimmy Jr. is constantly on the phone and in meetings with artist agents, artist managers as well as the performers themselves.

-  Strengthening the synergy between Broadway and the concert world in order to foster, build and enhance relationships is Jimmy Jr.'s focus. For example, "Sting" played in "Mac the Knife" at Nederlander's Lunt Fontanne Theatre a few years ago, and Jimmy was able to spend quality time with him. Sting has done four shows at the Greek last year. Jimmy also spent a great deal of time recently with Marc Anthony while producing Paul Simon's "Capeman" at Nederlander's Marquis Theatre on Broadway. Last month (June 2000), he flew in for Marc Anthony's opening night of his sold-out, two-night engagement at the Greek. It was a very special moment between friends.
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